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Animation and multimedia courses have a fascinating career now. Animation with its many applications enjoys ever-growing popularity which continues. With the increasing accessibility of tools to make the animate content, the demand for good quality animation has gone up. Here are some of the interesting trends that are developing within the
Animation industry.

2D and 3D Animation

Giving 3D objects a 2D feel makes for very alluring visuals. This hybrid animation is becoming a  favorite because the costs also significantly reduce with 3D animation uses in very small parts. Creating a 2D video is cheaper as compares to creating a 3D video and it gets the message across creatively

Isometric Animation

Isometric graphics offer a cool balance between 2D & 3D designs – sort of a cross-section view of animate life! this often achieves by depicting three-dimensional objects in two dimensions. It works great to showcase any product, concept, business, or service. The 3D objects allow for details to be shown that might are missing in traditional 2D videos/images.

Liquid Motion

Though not a replacement trend, Liquid Motion enjoys popularity to date thanks to the advancements by different software like After Effects. Liquid motion lends a flow to the objects that’s very pleasing to the attention and finishes up being extremely impactful. Basically, the objects transform into a liquid state to supply fluid transitions. These fluid transitions are an excellent way of getting a message across to the audience.

Digital Surrealism

Digital Surrealism is about adding eye-catching imagery that creates known objects that behave in unexpecting ways! This stretches the boundaries of imagination to deliver something that’s unfathomable but captivating. it also treats as a growing kind that has shown huge popularity on social media channels. This just goes to point out that the animation industry is growing with an honest demand for skilled animation professionals.  Animation and Multimedia courses have many careers that are built with an aim to urge you industry ready!



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