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Best Career Courses

Are looking for the Best Career courses?

Maac Marathahalli offers the Best career courses in 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Game Design, Graphic design, Web design, and 2D Animation. And also Film Making, Broadcasting, and AR/VR courses. Similarly, offers many Job-oriented programs in the short term and long term. However, the Media and entertainment industry turned into an exciting and challenging field with more demands in the industry with top salaries in place now. 

A wide range of programs gives you lots of interesting and creative career choices to opt for. And if you are looking for the Best Career courses after your 10th or 12th, join the best career course- IPVAD-International program in Visual Arts and Design- 3 years. In other words, you will get multiple career options. Above all, if those two are looking to specialize in both 3D and VFX, this is the best option. 

Animation and VFX Best Career courses after 10+2.

Completed your 10+2?Looking for the best career course? Here are some exciting career opportunities for you.

  • A career in the Game Industry is a more creative field. Therefore, learn game designing and development, and create your own games- game modeling, game texturing, and the environment.  You can get into this exciting field with our Advanced game programs.  MAAC has designed a specialized industry program in Interactive Design and games. And, this will open up the scope for a big number of career options.
  • Similar to that the VFX industry is also growing at a fast pace. And, If you are aiming for the VFX industry then learn to create high-quality visual effects for films. And television shows, advertisements, and games from our industry-oriented VFX courses.
  • Another challenging yet interesting career you can opt for is 3D animation. Learn to create 3D models, and 3D animation with our Advanced 3D programs
  •  Another field is multimedia.  learn 2D animation to become a 2D animator. similarly,  graphics, web designing, and development to get into print and publishing and web designing and development companies. 
  • The upcoming newly developed industry of AR/VR is another career option.  Augmented and Virtual reality. Also, The broadcasting industry also is highly in demand. Similarly, Learn a broadcasting course with Maac to get into the field as a broadcast designer and UI designer, etc. Above all the media and entertainment industry requirements are also huge.

There are also, Short-term job-oriented courses in 3D Animation, Game Design, VFX, Graphics, and Web design. And also specially designed for those looking for small programs to learn and get into the industry faster. Also, many other short-term job-oriented courses on 2D animation, editing /Motion Graphics/Roto, open with more job opportunities.


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