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Program in Immersive Design

Course Duration: 304 hrs

13 months

Best mobile gaming courses: PID

This course covers Game Art and design. With the Integration of game asset elements. Best mobile gaming courses along with many job opportunities as a 3d artist. Students gain in-depth knowledge of the game design process. It includes Digital Asset Creation & integration in the game engine.

PID is the best game designing course in 1 year. In 3ds max covers the game character modeling and environment modeling. And texturing and lighting for the game. Above all, learn the game engine software -unity. With this course, you will learn game concept art and game-level design. With 3ds max, fundamentals of digital sculpting. With this program, you will get an option to sharpen your talent. And, It covers all the aesthetics and aspects of game designing. In the gaming field, you have different career options as a scriptwriter and artist, game concept designer, etc.

The demand in this game-designing industry opened the way for requirements. So, talented game artists have different requirements after the course. Learn the mobile gaming courses short-term courses. This course will give you multiple career options as a 3d artist, and a 3d generalist also.

Course Content

  • Digital Design
  • Vector Art for Games
  • Sound Editing
  • Game Design Documentation
  • 3D Asset creation
  • Game Engine Workflow
  • AR- Design Documentation
  • Software development Kit-AR
  • Creating AR Applications
  • Games creation using AR
  •  Design Documentation-VR
  • VR Software Development Kit
  • Creating VR applications & Games

Software Covered

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Audition
  • 3ds Max
  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine
  • Vuforia SDK
  • AR Foundation

Career Options

  • AR Artist
  •  Designer- Augment reality
  • Virtual reality Artist
  • VR Designer
  • Game Developer
  • Jr. Technical Artist
  • Designer for Game

               Still, confused about the right course for you? Career Counselors can help you. Contact Us and our Counselors will get in touch with you. Learn the best Game designing course for the best career. Call us for a free Demo class.

Best mobile gaming courses in Bangaluru

Mobile Gaming may be thrilling and gratifying to launch a career in mobile gaming. Create and release your mobile games on app marketplaces. The Gaming industry is always in demand, so learn the techniques of Gaming.

A career in mobile gaming demands commitment, dedication, and passion for this field. Many gaming industries might fit your interests and skill set, regardless of you are interests and skill set, regardless of whether you are interested in programming, art, game design, or a combination of these. Take advantage of MAAC comprehensive curriculum and launch your gaming career! Up your skills and make interactive games that gamers all over the world can play and explore.

PID is one of the Best mobile gaming courses that provides end-to-end training in creating, increased &virtual reality &game-level design for interactive media. Reshape the world of gaming with our exclusive modules zeroing in on game plans across all stages – computers, Control Center, and Web-based Gaming. Bethe craftsman behind some of the most exciting games. Mobile gaming is everywhere, and this is your chance to make some of the most exciting mobile games. PMGDI is a course that gives preparation in Versatile Game Plans and Coordination so you can master integrated game design.

The Game Future

Today, the gaming business is continually pushing the limits of innovation and
amusement. The gaming experience has been transformed by new consoles, PCs, and devices. Through a variety of e-sports platforms, we can even watch some of the world’s best gamers compete in the ever-evolving digital ecosystem.

In addition, the development of superfast networks like 5G has enabled high-end gaming functions to be supported by lightweight streaming devices and Smart TVs. Gaming has become one of the fastest-growing industries in India, clocking 40% growth in 2019-20. The Indian industry recently overtook the US Intermit user base which exceeded 300 million. It generated US$ 1.5 billion in revenue during this period and is expected to surpass US$ 5 billion by 2025. This provides our students with numerous lucrative career opportunities in various gaming areas.

The Movement, Enhanced Visualizations, Gaming and Comic (AVGC) team in India has given the gaming area a gigantic lift! With annual growth of approximately 25-30% and the creation of over 1,60,000 new jobs, India has the potential to capture 5% of the global market share by 2025.

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