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Some of Our Best placement Recruiters


MAAC provides our students Best Placements, We train the students with the latest software

and tips and tricks in the industry. which helps them to match their portfolio with industry requirements.

 Similarly, Maac offers job-oriented courses.

Professional guidance of the placement team helps the students to

showcase their skills.

Monthly industry sessions also help the student to sharpen their technical skills.

Experienced trainers ensure the quality of student demo reels to come

out with the best of their work.

Placements at MAAC Marathahalli

The Best Placements in the animation and VFX industry are provided at MAAC Marathahalli.  MAAC is a premium educational institute in India. And we train and mold talented students into professionals. In addition, Moreover, Maac also is known to be a high-end training center for animation and VFX. Also, We help many Animation studios, gaming studios, publishing houses, and production houses,  by providing the right skilled talents.

  • From April 2020 to September, 330 Maac students got placed with a salary of up to 26000 INR

Career Development Training &Best Placements

Maac has a dedicated placement team. And, This placement team often gives placement training.  The placement cell prepares students for attending the interviews. Similar to that personality development sessions. And, our placement cell helps the students to recognize the skills. At the same time gives them the required training. Also, train them according to their talent.

Join the Best VFX and game design courses and get trained by the experts.  Also, quality training helps the students to come out with their best quality work. Also, make them ready with a wide range of job opportunities in hand.

Looking to jumpstart your career in the animation and VFX industry? Look no further than MAAC Marathahalli. Our premier educational institute in Bangalore offers top-notch training and placements for talented individuals like yourself. With our industry-focused courses and expert guidance, you’ll gain the latest software skills to impress leading recruiters.

Our dedicated placement team provides essential training and prepares you for interviews, while our experienced trainers ensure the quality of your demo reels. Join us at MAAC Marathahalli and unlock a world of job opportunities in animation, gaming, publishing, and production. Begin your journey to success today. Get the best Placements in the industry!

A S Aneesh

Compositing Artist, MPC Studio

Binoy Balakrishnan

Graphic Designer

Abish T

Roto Prep , Pixel Frames

Krithika Nagarajan

Graphic Designer, Marca Disati

Chinmay Mehar

Compositer, MPC

E Naidu

Roto Prep Artist, Krios Digital



Anjali Verma

Job Title:Graphic Designer, Young Tumblers


UI|UX Designer, Kibbcom

Mandakini Deo

Title:Graphic Designer, Envision

Shylus V

3D Modeler, Vinformax


Roto Prep Artist, Studio-MPC

Jayanthi Das

Graphic Designer, VM International

Meera Krishnan

3D Visualizer, Espacios

Abishek King Rose

Compositor, Xentrix Studio

Surya v

Designation: Graphic Designer, VIPRO

Dharani Pasupuleti

Compositor , MPC

Nishanth M

Roto Artist , MR X


Compositor, AMCI

D Ajisha

Roto Artist , MPC Studios

Currently, I am pursuing my 3 years course in Maac Marathahalli now. We have a lot of facilities provided here to learn, understand and experience in new ways.

Subin Kolamakkal

Student, MAAC

After completing of master’s in Fashion Designing  And I joined the course to fine-tune my skills, and, learned the software and techniques in detail. I am very happy that  I have done my course at Maac Marathahalli. Best Placements you will get after completion of your course.

Krithika Nagarajan

Graphic Designer, MAAC

I completed my BE in civil engineering. And now doing an architectural course in maac Marathahalli. Maac Marathahalli is my first and best choice to learn the architectural course.

Meera Krishnan

Maac Marathahalli, Student

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