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Stop motion animation or stop-frame animation is an animation that captures one frame at a time, with physical objects that move between frames. Stopmotion is  best filmmaking technique. And, once you replay the sequence of images rapidly, it creates the illusion of movement. Also, If you understand how 2D drawn animation (early Disney) works, stop motion is analogous, except using physical objects rather than drawings.

The basic process of animation involves taking a photograph of your objects or characters, moving them slightly, and taking another photograph. Also, once you replay the pictures consecutively, the objects or characters appear to maneuver on their own. And, Stop motion animations are widely using in the industry. Moreover, individually photograph frames are blended together for an animates output. Therefore, These objects are physical moves and capture the photos of each position and create the illusions. similarly, there are many stop motion movies also.  Also, there are different types of stop motion animations like clay animation, puppet animation, Cutout animation, object animation, etc.

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Clay Animation

With clay, the characters we can make also with a background set of clay. And, Objects and characters create by clay and animate with backgrounds. Clay animation is the best film making idea. 

Puppet Animation

Puppet animation is most commonly uses and popular among stop motion. Puppets with movable joints use for animation.

Object Animation

Object animation involves the animation movement of any object such as a pen, pencil, toys, etc.

Cutout Animation

Cutout animations create using flat characters. Similarly, The materials like paper, photographs are uses for this animation. Paper cuttings and other stiff fabrics also uses to create backgrounds.



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